Last Farewell

It is with great sadness that I am reporting Tony died suddenly on March 24th of unknown causes. We are very heart broken. He loved being out in nature and sharing about it. Thank you for all your support over the years. If anyone is interested in helping his family out during this difficult time donations are accepted on Venmo @MemorialFundTony-Barlow

VJ Trail, San Rafael Swell

While searching for a post on the VJ Trail in the San Rafael Swell, I realized that I had never posted this ride. The VJ Trail is a lesser known trail among the popular "color trails" in the Southern San Rafael. It connects the Orange Trail back to the wash it starts in and makes a nice loop. One benefit of this is you bypass the lethargic Blue or Green Trail and the road back to the parking area.

Rock Buggy Round Up / Hanging Tree Trail

With all the work we've been doing to resurrect the old rock buggy, we wanted to get out and test it without breaking it. We decided to poke up the now local to us "Hanging Tree Trail" just West of Ephraim

Rainbow Rocks, Dellenbaugh Tunnel Trail Ride, Moab

During our last trip to White Wash Sand Dunes we were having a bit of a struggle trying to plan a ride with our new side by side while not just doing the same old stuff again. We wanted a trail that would have some change in terrain while not being too difficult, not too short and not too long.

Yuba Lake State Park ATV and Dirt Bike Riding

"Camping, sandy beaches, and warm waters lure visitors to Yuba Reservoir" as said by the state park's website. This is a unique place to ride and the beaches and water can make for an enjoyable stay

Waterfall Trail San Rafael Swell

The Waterfall Trail is a fun single track trail located in the South side of the San Rafael, also known as the Temple Mountain Area of the swell. This trail can be ridden from the top or from the bottom. Either direction provides a few slightly difficult obstacles and it's hard to say which direction is better or more or less difficult, but if I had to say,

Knolls OHV Recreation Area

Knolls is home to nearly 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, and mud flats. It's close proximity to Salt Lake City makes it a very popular destination. Knolls is located 80 miles West of Salt Lake along I-80 before reaching the Bonneville Salt Flats. It is pretty easy to find once you get close, just follow the signs taking exit 41. Clicking this link will take you there from your location using google.

Blue John Canyon Hike

Ever since hearing of Aron Ralston and his hike down this canyon where he became trapped by a dislodged boulder for 127 hours only to escape by cutting off his own arm with a dull multi-tool we've known we had to do this hike. Thirteen years later we finally did. I am unsure of the route Ralston originally took to get to the actual Blue John Slot canyon, but we ultimately decided to hike down the west fork.

Another Five Miles of Hell..Video

One of my favorite trails, but I often find myself asking why. It is difficult and should challenge most who attempt it. This video is from my second time riding the trail and it wasn't any easier the second time. We had a pretty large group this time and we were to run the Red Trail first as a warm up.

Eardly Canyon Hike, San Rafael Swell

Eardly Canyon has been on our radar since we hiked to the pool last year and it did not disappoint. It is near where we like to camp and ride so it can be a fun diversion from the riding. The hike to the pool and back is a leisurely 2 mile walk to the bottom pool known as Eardly Pool and back to the truck. The canyon hike we did this year added a long steep climb up

Mountain View Wyoming Badlands

This riding area just outside of Mountain View Wyoming, commonly referred to as the badlands is a favorite of ours for sure. The terrain is very similar to Caineville Utah but at nearly 7,000 feet in elevation the temperature is normally around 10 degrees cooler than Utah valley locations, and it's much closer for us.

Eardley Pool Hike, San Rafael Swell

Eardly Pool is yet another great hike in the San Rafael Swell. My brother in law told me about this hike after he took a group of scouts there and it turned out to be just perfect for a short afternoon hike after our Behind The Reef ride in the morning.

White Rocks Camping and Riding, Skull Valley

For President's Day Weekend we decided to try a new area that a friend of mine had suggested. He had taken a group of Boy Scouts out here before and they had a blast hiking around on the rocks. It is close to our home and being that it is fairly low in elevation and in a sandy, desert type climate it worked out great for this early short trip.

Red Slot to Cow Freckles Dirt Bike Trail, Moab Utah

This was one of those rides that just kind of came together as I was exploring the area near Ten Mile Canyon. We were camped at White Wash Sand Dunes as we often do, and I set out by heading SW up the wash to the Kid’s East Trail that exits the wash. The route I took was an awesome ride, although kind of pieced together from a number of trails.

Poison Spider Dirt Bike Trail Report Moab Utah.

The Poison Spider Trail in Moab is one of the “must do” trails in the area. It’s not overly difficult and yet maintains a good tempo and doesn’t get too boring with a good amount of obstacles to entertain. You will see others on this trail as it is popular with jeeps and mountain bikers as well as dirt bikers.