White Rocks Camping and Riding, Skull Valley

For President's Day Weekend we decided to try a new area that a friend of mine had suggested. He had taken a group of Boy Scouts out here before and they had a blast hiking around on the rocks. It is close to our home and being that it is fairly low in elevation and in a sandy, desert type climate it worked out great for this early short trip.
We had good luck with the weather with above average temps for this time of year, but after the storms of the previous couple of weeks the ground was still wet as we were driving out. The sandy soil doesn't ball up on the tires like clay or other types but it was still a bit of a challenge hauling the trailer on the slick road. It didn't take long for the warm south breeze to dry it all out however and we knew we were in for a great weekend.
The kids were immediately excited as we approached the rocks as they could see the numerous small caves. We picked a spot that was easy to get the trailer parked and not too wet, but also near the rocks where we could hike around etc. The area is bordered by the Dugway Proving Grounds and the Cedar Mountain Wilderness area so dirt bike riding was very limited. The boys brought their Mountain Bikes however and they found plenty to ride on with those. I put on some miles on my dirt bike scouting around, but found all the trails end much too soon with a gate or a sign. We did manage to go on one group ride on the dirt road that everyone really seemed to enjoy. We saw a herd of horses that we assumed were wild and the road was littered with mounds of horse dung which seemed odd to us. We also spent a lot of time around camp shooting our bows, guns, playing games and other fun camp activity. Sunday morning we hiked up to the top of the biggest rock hill where we were able to get great internet service in order to watch some of the Supercross event that took place the night before. It was a good trip that the kids loved, but don't go expecting to get any good rides in on a dirt bike. There is enough to play around on for the kids etc. and a few long dirt roads, but I was expecting to find more riding. It looks like this place can get fairly popular on the right weekend, but we had the place to ourselves this weekend which was very nice indeed. The kids left wanting to return although I don't see it being a very regular trip for us. For this weekend however, it was a really nice way to start the new season.
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  1. Your description of the area was most helpful. We are taking scouts there this weekend so hopefully it will be fun.

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