Caineville Dirt Bike Riding, Swingarm City

Caineville/Swingarm City, more commonly known as Factory Butte has been one of our all time favorite riding areas for our family over the years. Freedom to roam and ride over a variety of terrain along with the open camping areas and lack of fees and facilities allow a unique experience with riding for almost anyone.
Jump near camp
The gray shale clay soil in the Caineville area is one of the main elements that make this place so much fun to ride. There are areas easy enough for young beginners right next to extreme hill climbs and all sorts of jumps and berms for thrill seekers of all riding levels. The map below shows the approximate area that is open to riding. The open riding area has been reduced compared to what it once was, but there is still a great deal of terrain on which to ride. The boundary is well marked as this area has been a focus of some environmentalist groups. The riding area is located between the towns of Hanksville and Caineville which offers a place to get fuel, water, food and some supplies if needed. Supplies are limited however and once we drove hours to get a tube so be prepared for whatever you think you might need. As you might guess, where there are no towns, there tends to be more places to ride and recreate. This is definitely true here. Situated just South of the San Rafael Swell and near a few National and State Parks, not only can you ride here but you could easily transport your bikes and ride somewhere else for the day, or hike some world class slot canyons, or even visit some Indian pictographs most without any cost at all except the fuel to get there. This area can be ridden any time it is dry and it is dry much of the year, but when it's wet it can be a real mess. The wet clay will stick to anything and ball up tires in no time. Light rain can be a plus if it's been too dry, but if heavy extended rain is in the forecast best to ride somewhere else. Rain also causes ruts that can be a bit tricky until the area gets ridden again and smoothed out. It can get windy here too, so be prepared. Summer riding is fine, but temps can get above 100 degrees.

  • Distance Traveled: Freeride
  • Difficulty: Easy to Extreme and everything in between
  • Best Time To Ride: Spring or Fall
  • Time To Complete: Freeride
  • Type: Clay hills
  • Location: 12 miles West of Hanksville Utah. Click for Directions to the Caineville Riding Area from your location.
  • Elevation: 4,300 feet

Key GPS Points
  • Entrance from highway 24: 38.364995,-110.913441 (Elevation 4,300')

Lots of places to get a little air
Love the evenings here
This area is very easy to find and easy to access from the highway. There are many places to tent camp and/or pull a trailer into for small or large groups near the highway. To reach Swingarm City, head West from Hanksville on UT-24 W, travel about 12 miles and look to the right. If you arrive during daylight hours it's easy to see the hills and tracks. There has been some improvements recently at the entrance in the form of pavement and a sign.

Amazing place to ride

Roosting After Rain, Clouds in Background

View Cineville Flickr Photo Album for more pictures.

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