Rock Buggy Round Up / Hanging Tree Trail

With all the work we've been doing to resurrect the old rock buggy, we wanted to get out and test it without breaking it. We decided to poke up the now local to us "Hanging Tree Trail" just West of Ephraim
Hanging Tree trail in the Fall, many bright colors along the way.
The first part of this trail is easy enough to not make us worry too much about breaking anything, but difficult enough for us to play and test some things. This trail also does not exit at the top, so anything you go up, you must go back down. This can make a long day especially if you encounter anyone coming up as you are trying to head back down. We went a good distance and came to a place where the trail looked to increase in difficulty quite a bit and turned around. Perhaps in the Spring when a few more repairs are made and we have another rig with us we can complete the trail. I believe the rating is a 5 and requires at least 35 inch tires and dual lockers. Just meeting the minimum requirements didn't fill us with confidence! The videos below summarize a few of the upgrades we did and show it on the trail. Not mentioned in the video was the addition of a new carburetor. I purchased a Holley Truck Avenger and so far I am pleased with its performance off road.

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