Amasa Back "Cliffhanger" Dirt Bike Trail Ride, Moab Utah

The Cliffhanger, or as many call it the Amasa Back Trail, has been one of my favorites for a long time. I first rode this trail on a mountain bike, then in our rock buggy, and finally on a Dirt Bike. I still remember the first time riding it, stopping at an overlook and talking to some dirt bikers
What a View On a Perfect Evening!!
They testified to us that dirt bikes were the way to travel this trail. At the time I thought, yea it may be the easiest, but not sure if it's the most fun and/or challenging. A motor definitely makes things easier, but it surely does not remove all the challenges. Places where you could lift a mountain bike have to be ridden or worked up off the bike which is no easy task either. Having just 2 wheels as opposed to 4 make route choosing easier however. This is a short trail on a dirt bike and can be done very quickly especially compared to the other 2 methods mentioned. I did the trail twice in an evening ride going out to the lookout, then back to the road to repeat the trail. This trail is difficult with many intermediate areas in between the more difficult obstacles. A few difficult sections without a real bypass increase the difficulty level. I found going back through the "cliffanger" section to be the most difficult so pay attention when going down this spot to make sure you will want to come back up it.

  • Distance Traveled: 4.3 Miles (x2 for return)
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Best Time To Ride: Fall or Spring
  • Time To Complete: 1 to 2 hrs
  • Type: Double Track and Jeep Trails, Rocky, slickrock
  • Location: West of Moab UT along Kane Creek Blvd(see map)
  • or click for Directions To Trail Head from your location then follow the gps markers as detailed below.
  • Elevation: About 4,200 feet

Key GPS Points
  • Trail Head: 38.523996,-109.601632
  • Cliffhanger Obstacle: 38.523668,-109.622014
  • End Trail/Overlook: 38.527028,-109.642565

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