Enduro Loop Dirt Bike Single Track Trail, Green River

The Enduro Loop near White Wash Sand Dunes is a single track trail that has a good mix of terrain. We usually stage from White Wash Sand dunes and ride the trail starting at the wash, but since the trail intersects the road twice before reaching White Wash it may make more sense to stage from one of the other 2 "trail heads" if you are just riding this trail for the day.
Looking out over the big drop switchbacks
The White Wash Dunes area is a fun place to hang out play since it is open to free riding in the sand and surrounding slickrock. It is also a great place to camp and fun for kids. This trail is not overly difficult although I would not recommend it for kids since it is a longer trail and there are some loose hill climbs and a few difficult sections along the way. Starting from White Wash Dunes, we started by traveling North/East up the wash. Before the was turns to the right we exited the wash into a smaller wash and decided that the Dee Flat Trail would be a good warm up. Dee Flat climbs up through some boulders and is a good way to start the ride. You must go up and back, but it's short and fun. The Enduro Loop starts much the same way climbing out a different way to the North. At the top you cross the road and continue on. After you cross the road the second time there is a gate, close the gate after going through it. After this you'll pass some mining ruins and then continue to follow the signs for the Enduro Loop Trail. The trail is very well marked and maintained. It is rare the BLM allows a trail such as this so be careful to stay on the trail and mindful to not widen the trail. Much of the trail is hard pack, but there are some sandy sections just before the big drop switchbacks. The switchbacks are a bit intimidating, it is a mix of hard pack and slickrock steps. It gets worse towards the end so if the top scares you too bad you may be walking towards the bottom. It's a fun area though and a good technical challenge. We rode down, while the group behind us opted to walk the bikes pretty much the whole way down. Many of the turns get tricky trying to keep balance and a foot on the back brake at the same time. After dropping down the big drop you ride out the obvious sandy wash at the bottom to ten mile road and return on the road.

  • Distance Traveled: Around 34 miles
  • Difficulty: Mostly intermediate with some difficult sections
  • Best Time To Ride: Spring or Fall
  • Time To Complete: 3 hours
  • Type: Single Track
  • Location: Near White Wash Sand Dunes, between Green River and Moab (see map). Click for Directions to the trail head from your location, see the map below for route information

Key GPS Points
  • Spur To White Wash Dunes: 38.806591,-110.051826
  • Upper Parking Area: 38.80174,-110.0475
  • Lower Parking Area: 38.800136,-110.037174
  • Trail head from White Wash: 38.812,-110.0184
  • Cross Road, Trail Head Option: 38.826244,-110.02019
  • Cross Road Again: 38.831685,-109.99943
  • Mining Ruins: 38.829,-109.984
  • More Ruins: 38.8313,-109.98
  • Cross Road: 38.816313,-109.929151
  • Spur to view point: 38.802423,-109.919
  • Cross Road: 38.7984,-109.901454
  • Trail leave road to the right: 38.785456,-109.861114
  • Big Drop Switchbacks: 38.746735,-109.888937
  • Merge on to 10 Mile Road: 38.748812,-109.944649

Printable Trail Map
Full White Wash Area Trails Map
We traveled the trail in a clockwise direction. This may be the only way to travel the loop since climbing up the big drop switchbacks would be very difficult, although it's on my list to try. I really enjoy the mix of terrain on this trail. I especially like the technical climbs and fast flowing single track. The only downsides are the sand sections and the return on the road. The bit of road isn't bad however and if you like sand at all you may not mind the soft sections as much as I did. It's a good ride and worth the time, a good enduro type race loop if you will.

Some mining ruins along the way.

The Big Drop Switchbacks, the group behind us.


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    1. Thanks!, it's fun to have a way to organize our trips and share with others. The reader is a good way to keep up with stuff, especially handy to have the app I think.