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Fivemile Pass is a popular OHV play area. There are many places to camp here, plenty of parking, and many trails to explore. Part of the reason it is so popular is because it is one of the closest open areas to the Salt Lake City area to ride. There are a few amenities here such as bathrooms and plans for more in the future, but most of the camping is still pretty bare bones. Jeeps, atv's, dirt bikes, mountain bikes,
Five mile pass in March 
and more come to enjoy this area, so be prepared to have some company. Don't be scared off too much by this however, the parking and camp areas can become crowded but the crowds thin out quickly as you get out on the trails. Because this is an open freeride type area, you will find many trails branching off as you ride. The parking area is central to most of the trails and it's easy to see where to begin from there. The area is free to use, is easy to get to, and very easy to find. It can get hot here in the summer, so it's best to go Spring or Fall but it can still be ridden in the summer.

  • Distance Traveled: Open play area
  • Difficulty: Easy, moderate, and difficult
  • Best Time To Ride: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Time To Complete: Freeride, open
  • Type: open play area consisting of double width atv trails and jeep trails.
  • Elevation: 5,300 to 6,400 feet
  • Location: West of Lehi. Click for Directions to Five Mile Pass from your location

Directions to Five Mile Pass from your location

Key GPS Points
  • Main Parking/Staging Area 40.237,-112.163

Parking Area
Typical terrain at fivemile
All of the trails I've seen here are double track or jeep trails. There are a few track type areas near the camping areas for kids to ride as well. Nothing here is overly difficult, and I've never been in fear of getting lost out here, but it is a big area with many different terrain types that can change quickly so keep alert.

Riding near parking area, Fivemile Pass

Typical camping area Fivemile Pass

View Fivemile Pass Flickr Album for more pictures.

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